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24 December 2010 @ 04:18 am
life is never easy for those who dream  

Hello everyone,

lol okay i am using tiffany to blog now
its 4.19am and i so nothing to do

this holiday, i have not been doing a lot of things.
okay la, actually, i din even do anything at all
other than playing maplestory with sean and rebirthing 10times

you know maplestory? the real one is too waste time for us
thats why we play private servers where we enjoy the benefits of 500 times of normal exp!
but thats not important alr, since that ass pangseh me go USA

today brandon's house organise a bbq
and we are supposed to meet at 4pm

when i left the house at 3.30pm, knowing that i will be on the dot,
i thought to myself:

"hey lester, you shouldnt leave house now. they confirm late one. i swear"
thats what my mind was telling me

i was dumbfounded.
my mind was telling me to go play 2 rounds of dota before leaving
but my heart was telling me that i must not do this, i must have faith in them

as i poke my key into the house door
i can feel myself being torn apart by this thing going inside me
i had to make a decision, so i trusted my heart and i went out

but i ended up sitting at starbucks
waiting for them for 1hour
until the next person arrived.

my classmates are totally understanding people
i love them to max seriously.
its like, we seem to have this telepathic thingy among us
they know that i am damn bored at home, thats why purposely do this to me

after i finally understand why they are late
i was so touched by their thoughtfulness
i think that i should repay their kindness to me nxt time too :)

but how?
okay la actually quite easy, i anyhow think on the spot also can think

  1. i can buy a converse bag for my girlfriend!
  2. i can go botanical garden and see flowers!
  3. i can go collect spectacles!
  4. i can sit in a car and still be late!
  5. i can go dating!
  6. i can go see my friend buy converse bag for his girlfriend!

oh yea, i should do some 2010 reflections soon.
its about time i tell santa i have been a good boy this year


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