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26 December 2010 @ 02:42 am
smooth seas do not make a skillful sailor.  
 hello everyone,

even though it is already boxing day

since i am kinda a holy person
so i went church for christmas

but there are so many churches to choose from!
so i decided to go my brother's church and listen to sermon

i think i got photographic memory or something.
let me spread the love here on elninof9t
you want believe a not up to you

before the rest of you complain, i will do the same thing during vesak day and deepavali k.
jst to prove myself as an unbiased free thinker who is liberal


okay lah actually i can only remember one story and its something like

One day, a fisherman is resting on the beach after a day of hard work out at sea.
then one guy say "yo bro why not go catch more fishes".
then the fisherman say "oh i catch finish liao, now resting".
then the guy say "you should go and catch even more!".
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, for what?",
then the guy say "so that you can make more money".
then the fisherman say "wa sia la then how?"
then the guy say "so that you can have more money to buy another ship and catch more fish!"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you will have even even more money"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you can set up company and catch even more fish"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you will have enough money then you can retire!"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "so that you can rest!"
then the fisherman say "aint i resting now?"

(crowd laughs, some wake up due to laughter)
i will go ask my  brother whats the morale of the story is about later
cause this thing happens 2 days ago ah.
slip of mind

after that i went to watch movie with luther, yixin, jolene and daniel
we watched TRON and this idea is brilliant!
  • jolene fell asleep
  • luther and yixin linked it to christianity and dawns sunrise:)
  • daniel said it was interesting and she will watch it with PRAWNy, which is kinda FISHy
  • last but not least, lester cant wait to get out of the cinema!
not my style ah. 
the story about this game player who get sucked into the game

i cant imagine one day i ganna sucked into the world of dota
instead of eating food, i will be eating trees
instead of studying, i will be riding on tigers and shooting arrows
instead of sleeping at night, i will be looking out for night stalker
instead of sleeping when i am tired, i need to eat trees so that zeus wont zap me
instead of looking like that, i will look like a troll

NONONONO. cannot continue thinking alr. i will go crazy.
its just so scary la hor zz.

THATS SO LAME. hahahahha.
at least i celebrated christmas in a cinema
i think last year at that time, i was walking on the roads without being able to walk straight
with 3 other drunkards going home

okay then finally christmas. the things on top was for christmas eve
its queen's birthday! happy birthday!
queen? you might be wondering who on earth is the queen.
before you think that its eve or mary, allow me to enlighten you.

queen is the mum of prince.
then prince of the family is lester.
thats why its my mummy's birthday!

we wake up and eat buffet for lunch then went shopping
she told me to go into the armani exchange shop
i thought she suddenly become so nice sia

but in the end never buy la
waste my time only
then she keep wasting my time
waste waste waste until i pissed off then walk away lol

then i went starbucks to drink with my brother
drink coffee la. my brother is crazy.
he has been drowning his sorrows every night with jolly shandy
dno whos making him so troubled.

while drinking coffee, he keep using this thing called tweeter
it looks fun, i should go try it out soon
so that nxt time i can post statuses like 
"having coffee with my bro now"

dinner was steamboat.

come home then i talk shit to brandon
talk until i laugh until stomach cramp sia i swear
he better lock his computer up and set 100 passwords
if not i going to drown myself in his jaccuzi. 

oh yea. i wont be online next week from monday to thursday
i will be busy growing spiritually and self reflecting upon myself
and learning quotes such as "thou shalt not commit adultery"
but like duhh, who will commit adultery at this age ^^


haiz this nigel forever pangseh me one
every christmas he in japan playing snow

one of the terms and conditions in our contract is 
"do not do anything that screws up our friendship"

hahaha so if he forget to buy me present or souvenir = make me angry = screw up
HAHAHAHA so he better remember!