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25 January 2011 @ 12:03 am
as long as you are trying, i am definitely staying  
hello everyone,

OMG how long have i not posted here
sorry people i only post when i am free or when i have inspiration
and obviously from my posting rate, you know that for the past few weeksss i am not that free
neither do i have any inspiration to blog an interesting blogpost 

okay firstly, i think you all can create a twitter account and follow me @lestermok93
my GP teacher wants us to create a twitter account so that he can update us
the daily happenings and the top news
so that we know what is actually happening around us

i think that what he is doing is super baik
and because of this, my classmates and i will not be frogs in the well
and do not know general knowledge

secondly, i also want to comment on the parenting systems in singapore
i think that the most common parenting systems follow the way in which a country governs its citizens

1. capital punishment

one of the most baik way in which a country governs its citizen is by the form of capital punishment
for those noobs whos english is not as baik as mine
capital punishment means caning your buttocks or hanging your necks or electrocuting your whole body or going to jail

some parents teach by whacking their children up so that they "learn it the hard way"
obviously this method is super useless because this is not how children grow up
and this method is super paiseh for the parents because after whacking
they will feel super bad and they go to sleep telling themselves

"da shi teng, ma shi ai"
if your chinese is as lousy as brandon
then it just means

"i whack you means i sayang you. i scold you means i love you"

2. meritocracy

this is basically the second best way to teach your kids
it is the way in which singapore governs its citizens
you do well in your studies, you get rewarded

this is one of the most common methods used
as parents just reward their children for what they have done

one example is like :

son: "papa, i got 95/100 for maths!"
papa: "ok so smart. i buy xbox for you"

something like that
but i think the papa should not buy xbox for the son
if not the son might lose something more important like friendship or oxygen

3. riots in the country/ helpless government

okay basically this type of governance is the best la
hahaha it is basically what fernando lester and heart-throb luther are undergoing
you parents cannot do anything about you
basically just support whatever you all doing.

so whats your way of governing to your kids in the future?

okay so recently,
lester went for his new econs tuition and omg the armchair there is super shiok
he thought that it could help him in his studies
thats why he went to research and found out that the freaking armchair
is from ikea and he asked his mum if he can buy
after a lil sweet talk, his mum agreed!

this is how simple it takes!

however, when lester finally went to ikea to have a walk
he decided not to buy it.

WHY? you might ask.

lester thought that he should not be squandering his family money
and as a close friend of him, i also know that even if he buy
he wont study more because of it

awwww. filialboy93 = lester

i am kinda looking forward to chinese new year different
dno why. i think cause can finally gamble and win money
and also the fact that this is going to be the first year when other relatives ask me hows my studies
and i can reply


this is like super awesome lah. haha first time can try something like that
they will most probably tell me not to be humble and should be proud of my own results
so i think i will most probably bring my results slip around and show off
how i barely scrape through my jc1

this will help to create a new impression and image of me in their minds
which i d think is very nice :(

oh yea i am seldom troubled by stuffs
but recently i am troubled by my tuitions

i signed up for this econs tuition and its like pure bullshit and crap
and its the first time i feel like going up to slap the teacher in the face
and tell him to wake up his idea
because nobody will be able to get an A if he teaches like that

maybe its just the first lesson
and that i am not used to it
so we shall see how.

i am currently planning to quit this stupid tuition 
if he continues to be such a noob
and ask my cousin to tutor me

this money can be put into better use such as maths tuition or something
or i can just buy 3 cardigans a month or 4 vans off the wall a month
or i can just buy 2 armchairs a month

haiz. this sucks. i will make a decision on wednesday.
shall update you all if i have the time
but update you all for what?

on a side note, i think dota is super detrimental to one's studies
thats why i think yiteng and cheeshuan and sean should stop dotaing
i will tell them to quit every time i see them
good influence sia ^^

oh yea i received my first birthday present today
its the best present i received in the 17years and 362 days that i have lived
all i can say is that TGFMBP.
which is basically "thank god for my birthday present"

its super baik i swearrr.
its basically a walk down memory lane

time to sleep
i going get owned tmr cause i nvr do work


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