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03 February 2011 @ 07:06 pm
 hello everyone,

happy new year
gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai!

okay jst visited my relatives finish and now lying on my bed using computer
wa lao so many people studying at the first day of school sia

brandon included!
wa i think he really change alr
must be because of his family tradition la

every chinese new year first day
they must go and climb a mountain and walk 3 rounds around the peak of the mountain
so that they can change and improve their luck!

no wonder he studying now sia
damn it, i should go up there and walk 3 rounds too

i think me and luther are two different people totally
although both are cool
but he is studying in his room at the first day of chinese new year
while i am in my room reseraching about blackjack
to research whether i should take another card if my hand got 16points

he is preparing for his a levels which is like freaking 3 years later 
while i am preparing for my new year card games!
which is like 3 days later

so i must be well prepared what
cannot go there and anyhow
must have strategy

who say blackjack is a game of luck
its like poker, got skills one hor!

okay i nid go watch chi bi already
i think its a damn awesome show