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09 December 2010 @ 02:30 am
 hello everyone,

hahaha saw this on tumblr.

i sent nigel
and amazingly he sent back with it signed!

bromance better than romance
cause we wont break up


we ordered a male stripper, drinks, foods, poker

omg hopefully it will be a success
i am so freaking ecstatic for it

07 December 2010 @ 12:35 am
 hello everyone,

freak i am seriously too bored to max
i freaking bored lah

i have nothing to do

1 day got 24hours
i spend around 8hours active

freak that means 16hours of sleep
i am really a polar bear
cause i am hibernating

damn sian.

the only fruitful thing i did this holiday is to
sign up for econs tuition with nigel

the stats show that 65% of people get A from the tuition centre
my school got around 30% of students getting A.

so based on my prediction, my current chance of getting A is close to 0%
cause 30% of the school is really smart

so based on my imba maths and calculation
after i've signed up for this
my chances rose from 0% to 65%

phew. now i feel more safe and secure about my A levels
can all of you each go get a blog please
so that i have something to read at least

30 November 2010 @ 01:05 am
hello everyone,

i was hoping to make this song my background music
but screw it la
livejournal doesnt allow this 

sian ji pua

29 November 2010 @ 03:10 pm
hello everyone,

today i telling you why got siblings kill each other
to fight for inheritance

he dno that he already got an iphone.

msn convo of "the battle of the two Princes"

 Luther says:

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
iphone super fun
Luther says:
eh wth where is mine?

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
with me lor
Luther says:
tell dad my phone spoil

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
you going to use my old phone
huh? why spoil
Luther says:

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
mine spoil also
Luther says:
screw u la
iphone 4 is mine la wtf

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
sorry man
my friend spoil my phone
you blame him
i give you his number, you slash him?
Luther says:
-.- wtf go die la

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
relax man
Luther says:
seriously i better get my iphone 4 when i go back
my phone is ******* screwed

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
my sony spoil leh
how to use
Luther says:
u go use ur own
iphone 4 is mine

#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
no, dad say you can have the ipod video
plus a phone
#Lester; ElNinoF9T says:
you get iphone
same la
Luther says:
i dont want

this is making his heart go in circles and circles

27 November 2010 @ 09:49 pm

Hello test

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27 November 2010 @ 06:56 pm
 hello everyone,

i finally watched finish
the korean drama called

the woman who still wants to marry
i watch the show for kimbum
just like how i watch soccer
just for a few glimpses of fernando torres

he is so handsome and cute omg
i checked his review and i realised
that i am not the only fanboy around

after watching the show
i realise that he can sing very good as well!
baik baik baik x10.

the show is about 3 women around age of 40
still unable to marry.
their friends all laugh at them
but in the end they meet guys and have relationship

i think that this show is very applicable
very very applicable

my friend, yiteng, and me used to laugh at a classmate of ours

but see,
while me and him are still leading lonely lives
our classmate has a mate already!
who has the last laugh now?

the learning point is that
"do not laugh at others until you yourself has a mate, if not you will end up laughing at yourself"
quoted by lester

i think that i am a super blessed and fortunate lucky child
cause i have a super duper cool father 
everytime when i feature my dad
you all sure know that something good 
has happened to me

okay la this time is not me
this time include both me and my brother

as you all know
luther, my brother, is at beijing to study for 6 weeks
a repeat of what i have done when i was at sec 3

when i came back, my dad bought me a macbook
i was so touched and shocked

this time, he bought 2 iphones
one for me and one as a surprise to my brother
wa lao i bet he going to cry when he come back

you see ah
with a iphone in your hand
your qualifications suddenly leaps and bounds
so you can get a girl easier

thats why he going to cry badly

oh yea,
the lester needy fund can be cancelled already bah
but somehow i still feel quite sian

cause i wanted to try htc desire hd
but its like, the person say not available in singapore yet
thats why now need to go learn how to use iphone

when you move house
you need to know wheres the kitchen, wheres the toilet
so that you wont cook in the toilet
netiher will you sleep in the kitchen.

getting a new phone is like moving house
thats why need to go learn the skills man

p/s: omg i jst remember something
this year my physics teacher keep confiscating our stuffs

he confiscate:

yiteng's iphone
brandon's itouch
cheeshuan's itouch
then when he walk to me and see a sony ericsson

he jst dao me
okay. finally
we can tong gan gong ku

and get confiscated together
hurray to equality!

25 November 2010 @ 12:14 am
hello everyone,

today i went to the zoo with my s6z
and we got caught in the thunderstorm

brandon told me that my sexy nike bag is waterproof
so i decided to be a tanker and put all my friends' bags into my bag
and off we run for around 20mins
we started off with a run
but soon, we were enjoying ourselves under the beauty of mother nature

not everyday you get drenched under a downpour
so i was kinda thinking its fun

until we stepped into the shelter
and i found my phone spoil
i put my phone in my reliable, powerful, waterproof bag
and it was soaking wet

and i knew at that moment
my poor phone had been swimming in my bag full of rainwater
for the past freaking 20mins

i was shocked and stunned and rooted to the spot
i was fabregasted and no words could describe how i feel
  • omg how am i going to answer to my parents
  • omg they work so hard for me sia, how to answer to them
  • this freaking phone 4months old only!
  • wa die liao, go home need to kneel on durian shell for 10hours
these thoughts filled my mind
like how the dark clouds fill the clear blue sky
just before the stupid thunderstorm

at that moment
i realise why this happen to me
i tell you all lah

its cause of karma

cause long time ago
i was at an outing at the beach with my cousins and their friends
then i push all of them into the sea
then one of them had a phone in his pocket
and the phone spoil!

so its karma
but maybe, its coicidence too
or maybe, its jst heaven's will that i will be getting a

samsung galaxy s, iphone4 or htc desire hd

okay inorder to get those phone
i have analysed the market already
each phone cost around 550$

so i have decided to form this facebook group called

in short,

in long,
550-ppl-needed-to-donate-$1-to-lester needy fund
so to all my loyal fans out there
treat this as subscription fee la hor
leave your contact number and how much you willing to donate
at this blog or at facebook

when i ask you why you havent donate,
dun be an asshole and tell me


before you use such lousy excuse, 
let me remind you again
my phone spoil la..
so this trick wont work liao

oh yea
kao eh. north korea bomb south korea?
i feel that despite all these danger
i still need to fly to korea to save tiffany

her face might or might not be plastic la hor

if its plastic, its jst that silicon, fake nose fake ear all fly out
if its not plastic, the whole face fly out

okay whatever, the main point is
i cant imagine such a beautiful face get bombed

omg my fingers are super itchy

19 November 2010 @ 01:18 am
hello everyone,

i am very happy today
thanks to sean, kengwhye and alston

i am too tired to elaborate

but basically this is what we did today
  1. kengwhye and alston late by 2hours 10mins _||_
  2. we played LAN for 5hours. the shop say play $10 get $2 off
  3. we stopped at $9.80, buy 4-D also not so lucky
  4. my mum cooked dinner for them
  5. they made a mess in my room
  6. we played table tennis beside a funeral
  7. its kinda creepy now that i think of it
  8. we made lots of noise until maybe the person in coffin can wake up
  10. kengwhye farts super loud
omg although this is a freaking sausagefest
i think sausagefest is like so fun lah

cause everyone is natural and not acting retarded
from the way we laugh and make noise until the whole 

you see ah, sean so serious during training, wont joke around
his vulgarities in school in one whole year, less than when he talking to me in one sentence

kengwhye so cool in front of girls
wear collar shirt, wear cool pants
so tall like a hunk
then in front of us, he shows his childish playful dirty smelly side

alston at apollo outing show us 8pacs
today he show us actually 8pacs has nothing to do with pingpong

friday-night says:
i have 15cents in my freaking wallet, cant even afford a fishball
its already 7pm, go there 1hour also cannot do anything
NONE OF MY EYE CANDIES ARE FROM NANYANG, so go there also no scenery see
yea so end up eating prince again
this is very contradicting
15cents in wallet still can eat prince

#lester; ElNinoF9T says:
you eat prince with 0 dollars how many times alr ah?
friday-night says:
but usually
is i loan from you

#lester; ElNinoF9T says:

this kengwhye reading my last time posts
dno wth he doing at this time reading my posts
i believe that when he go out with his girlfriend, he wont do what he do to me

okay time to sleep

17 November 2010 @ 01:10 am
hello everyone,

i knew that today was going to be a boring day
thats why i planned what to do today yesterday
and i didnt feel bored at all

i supposed to go have boston queensway training today
before you dno whats that, boston queensway is a basketball club i play for outside
yea some members include kangtai,irvin,alston,kengwhye

training supposed to start at 11am
and i woke up at 11am
i totally oversleep. but still rushed there and play basketball
i brought junnies along

before you dno whos junnies,
he is my high jump senior who is in army now
but he got no army today, so he come out and slack with me

the basketball games totally sian la
i play 6 games and lose 6 games
i blame it on my back injury lah
i not shitting you but its super pain
i dun think its a back injury anymore
i think its the spine
but isnt the spine your back?
okay whatever, i am in pain

after that i went to cine to eat pastamania
while going to cine, we got caught in the rain
and i need to show you all the difference between rich and the poor

the rich junnies and the poor lester both have their shoes wetted by the rain
so one went to withdraw money and buy another pair at LEFTFOOT
while the other one take out his socks and end up walking without socks

wa lao
i also want to have my own ATM card
but thats not the point
i want to have the card with lots of money inside
and i am not planning to do anything illegal
even though robbing a bank was once my ambition

so i gotta work super hard
and plan and analyse and research and think and and pray
so that i can rob singaporepools

actually its not robbing la
its just called making a killing from singaporepools

then we watched a movie called unstoppable
its about these 2 guys trying to stop a train

actually i thought 2 people watch movie so gay
but the 2 seats to our right have 2 guys watching
and the 2 seats to our left have 2 girls watching
so i guessed we are kinda trendy.

the movie was nice! the last part was super exciting
and the train sound was totally super real-life lah

after that i went to crash ares fac outing with brandon they all
actually all the outings around the same one la
let me just summarise it
  1. walk in without ticket
  2. cut queue for food
  3. play games
  4. line dance by MAD
  5. nice singing that almost broke my plastic cup
  6. talk cock
wa lucky i met josh there sia
if not i will stone and end up eating grass or something
josh is a talk cock pro i swear

i am aching all over
i dno why

15 November 2010 @ 12:08 am
 hello everyone,

since my uncle went overseas
he lent my father his car and WOOHOOOO 
he drove us out to eat at this beautiful sunday

we went to vivo to eat marche
before you all pronounce it as march or marchy

allow me to enlighten you again
its march-chay
i think its a swiss word since its a swiss restaurant and omg
the food tastes really not bad

before i left house
i had my first time.

before you horny guys and fangirls out there start fantasizing widly
please. i am not sick at all.

i had my first time cutting my own hair!

my hair is too irritating
but i am just too lazy to go to the hair cutter
so i just take a scissors and cut those part touching my eye
shit sia, i think i got talent as a hair cutter 

how to say ah.. its such a complicated process
let me try to illustrate some points to note
  1. you jst align the scissors parallel to your eyebrow
  2. but you have to make sure that your eyebrow is not within the scissors range, cause you want to cut your fringe, not your eye brow
  3. when you cutting, your eyebrow might not be within the scissors range, but when you rly cut, you might just act cute and look up, then when you look up to see the cutting process, your eyebrow will go up too, so you end up cutting your eye brow
  4. use a sharper scissors, dun cut halfway and get stuck like me lidat
(lol actually i cut like 1cm of my hair only, but the idea was there)

after i go train to be a hair cutter,
i think if you all want hairstyles like helmet, bangs, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, strawberry chocolate cake

okay la i need to feature my mum again
i wore black shirt and black pants and black specs out today
on the car, my mother told me that people who wear all black and have long hair go out will get hacked

i think she is super illogical and superficial la
i mean, you wear lidat then get slashed? where got so lucky sia

i think chances of you wearing all black
then get banged down by car in the night
cause the driver cannot see you more likely sia.
retarded siol

oh yea. that day feature steph pang
now i feature brandon bah
this column is specially dedicated to s6z

you know what is s6z?
s6z is this damn nice bunch of friends in my class
you see me in school smiling?
that smile is not my smile
i am just carrying the smile they gave me
so thank them!

fuck sia
my mother want me get an internship
in like a hospital or sth

i think get internship very cool lah
at least his mum can help him get
i think nxt time if brandon want to know where sell cheap vegetables
maybe mine can help out

yesterday i stayed up until 3.30am to support my beloved liverpool
but they lost zzzz

when we were losing 1-0, everyone started singing the cheer for fernando torres
hoping that fernando torres will perform magic and score a goal out of nowhere
imagine sixty thousand people chanting your name

i seldom post facebook status
cause i think those facebook status are for emo-kids or boh-liaos

they update every min something like
"cant get you off my mind", "HAVING DINNER NOW!"
oh come on, i dun give a shit if you are eating dinner or thinking of me pleasehahah kidding, i mean its like kinda pointless

that time i posted
"my religion is TORRES-ISM, more fearful than terrorism"
freak la i realise so many ppl share my religion too!

i am not the only one in this religion
you see ah, you go temple ask for good health, go church ask for forgiveness
then when sixty thousand people chanting the same name
isnt torres-ism acceptable as a religion?

omg freak i need to go sleep already.
now its 12.03am
i overshoot my target sleeping time by 3mins

i need to sleep early because tmr i going training!
after that i going to study in school!
i sound so excited beacuse at night its where i made self reflections
and make promises to myself

see ah now i am 30 percentile
then i aim to be 70percentile
you know how hard it is to go from 30 to 70?

let me give you an analogy
its like walking up a slope while wearing shoes with wheels
get the idea?
its an uphill task!
its not going to be easy!

but avid readers of this blog will know one of my favorite quotes:

promises are meant to be broken.