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12 April 2011 @ 12:19 am
 hello everyone,

i am back after like how many bloody months of not blogging
i know i lost my fan club already but its okay..

they will be back soon
but they will be gone again
cause i doubt i will be blogging that often

you know why? 
cause i not everyday so free
lie on my bed in the same position
waiting for time to go pass cause i too immobile hahah

i blog things that are on my minds
or things that really amuse me
such as lame conversations and jokers talking nonsense

but since my mind is kinda filled up right now
i have nothing much to blog leh
so just post around a 2metre long blogpost ba
to entertain bored people like me

i am a very optimistic person
thats why when i got my 18/80 for chemistry
instead of crying
i smiled at the paper and laughed HAHAHAH

"still can go around tell ppl that 18/80
sounds quite rhyme what. not bad alr la
almost there"

cause i know the only way i can go from then on is UP
this is a quote from my classmate called wesley.
he has many plans in his lives, just like me
and we both end up planning only

anyways, good luck for your WATER POLO FINALS!


okay so even the most optimistic person on earth will feel kinda pessimistic
when hell lot of shit is thrown at you at one go right

my back pain until cannot pain alr
but i still go keep playing basketball and soccer
i know people around me are worried for me
which includes obviously my parents and my beloved one and my friends

but now rly quit liao
not cause i d want disappoint them, i d do such thing for people
but cause my back disappointed me

MRI scan this thursday.
only thing sian about it is that i have to travel so far
and that i cannot pon school
hopefully nothing bad will happen hahaha

if not not worth the travelling time sia
opportunity cost. econs yo.

okay la since brandon is like my most hardcore fan in s6z
then i need dedicate one part of my blog to him right
one is to let him kill time
two is to reach my 2metres long target
three is to motivate him!

aishh. show you guys my english ba
its called alliteration

Big Brandon, get B alr, also Bo Bian.
But Basket, Bo tell your lao Bu and lao Bei?
Bo respect sia
Buay hiao kin eh, need Bounce Back w a Bang!
Bothered By B? relax!
Bo chap? d pretend
Blow them off next time!
need to Bake? just Buy from Belinda Ba
BAIK idea 
Bloody hell, waste my time flipping my COLLINS POCKET DICTIONARY

i feel for him lah
so many bad things happening to him at one go

ohyeh, i feel that i have a new sibling now
cause my brother and me are talking to each other and it feels like
i dno how to describe
its an amazing feeling....
its like....


okay lets talk about my results

chem study 3days get U
physics study 2hours get S

lucky my parents understand thats obviously not my standard
and we had a good laugh over it (like real)

2011 has been an interesting year
it teaches me that internet is not as safe as it seems to be
it can cause Backstabs, Badmouthing, Bitching, Blaming

i think my alliteration for the word B too overwhelming alr
now the words all start with B.

but yea whatever

but honestly school sucks like mad for me
i am dreading every single moment
except moments i am talking cock
or other people talking cock

damn it. its not that i d like studying
i like studying, really.
freak you, laugh somemore.
funny meh?
study finish got sense of accomplishment one hor

its just the environment that makes you feel
that you cant trust anyone just lidat
(but i will still trust one lor somehow)
because afterall, you all will be fighting for the same scholarships
and they will be challenging me to my princeton slot

friends, everyone also got friends
but not all so close right
d tell me you friend w the whole school ah
or even half lol

aish, dno how to say sia.
but i choose to be different because i think if you think that way
and when you grow up and you think back
you will shoot yourself in the head la

thats why ppl ask me why i bother training w nick yeo
by staying back for him at last year nationals
when the following week, he will be my challenger

how the hell i explain such thing sia
you want me to reply 
"err actually i am good-natured and friendly and nice"
then will kenna called a BHB.
hahahah kao bei you see la. 

okays tmr got NAPFA test and i tell you there is something called karma lah
you remember when you grow up and you think back
about all the fairytales that your mum tell you
such as little red riding hood and cinderella
you laugh at it right?

i also laughing at it until now
cause you can say that i am living in a fairytale
i am now the boy who cried wolf

last year napfa scam teacher i tear hamstring, leg broken, heart broken due to break up
101 reasons to skip napfa, i swear i used all
even though i am 101% fit for napfa

she believed me and believed me
but in the end got found out.

this year napfa, i want to take
also cannot take liao. hahaha

wa sian today my phone got confiscated by my physics teacher
feel v weird leh. too dependent on technology

going home that time want to check what time, ZZZ pocket empty
going home that time take out earpiece wan to listen music, ZZZ pocket empty
going home that time want to check twitter, ZZZ pocket empty

anyway i think the title of this blogpost is freaking cool
hahaa i thought of it myself one leh
like very literature HORR

okay byeeeeee
03 February 2011 @ 07:06 pm
 hello everyone,

happy new year
gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai!

okay jst visited my relatives finish and now lying on my bed using computer
wa lao so many people studying at the first day of school sia

brandon included!
wa i think he really change alr
must be because of his family tradition la

every chinese new year first day
they must go and climb a mountain and walk 3 rounds around the peak of the mountain
so that they can change and improve their luck!

no wonder he studying now sia
damn it, i should go up there and walk 3 rounds too

i think me and luther are two different people totally
although both are cool
but he is studying in his room at the first day of chinese new year
while i am in my room reseraching about blackjack
to research whether i should take another card if my hand got 16points

he is preparing for his a levels which is like freaking 3 years later 
while i am preparing for my new year card games!
which is like 3 days later

so i must be well prepared what
cannot go there and anyhow
must have strategy

who say blackjack is a game of luck
its like poker, got skills one hor!

okay i nid go watch chi bi already
i think its a damn awesome show

01 February 2011 @ 11:30 am
 hello everyone,

please dun bother finding me in school these days
cause i am down and out

i got fever, muscle aches, flu, headache, whole body very cold
screw this man

so long since i fell sick
lets hope i recover in time for chinese new year.!

hello everyone,

OMG how long have i not posted here
sorry people i only post when i am free or when i have inspiration
and obviously from my posting rate, you know that for the past few weeksss i am not that free
neither do i have any inspiration to blog an interesting blogpost 

okay firstly, i think you all can create a twitter account and follow me @lestermok93
my GP teacher wants us to create a twitter account so that he can update us
the daily happenings and the top news
so that we know what is actually happening around us

i think that what he is doing is super baik
and because of this, my classmates and i will not be frogs in the well
and do not know general knowledge

secondly, i also want to comment on the parenting systems in singapore
i think that the most common parenting systems follow the way in which a country governs its citizens

1. capital punishment

one of the most baik way in which a country governs its citizen is by the form of capital punishment
for those noobs whos english is not as baik as mine
capital punishment means caning your buttocks or hanging your necks or electrocuting your whole body or going to jail

some parents teach by whacking their children up so that they "learn it the hard way"
obviously this method is super useless because this is not how children grow up
and this method is super paiseh for the parents because after whacking
they will feel super bad and they go to sleep telling themselves

"da shi teng, ma shi ai"
if your chinese is as lousy as brandon
then it just means

"i whack you means i sayang you. i scold you means i love you"

2. meritocracy

this is basically the second best way to teach your kids
it is the way in which singapore governs its citizens
you do well in your studies, you get rewarded

this is one of the most common methods used
as parents just reward their children for what they have done

one example is like :

son: "papa, i got 95/100 for maths!"
papa: "ok so smart. i buy xbox for you"

something like that
but i think the papa should not buy xbox for the son
if not the son might lose something more important like friendship or oxygen

3. riots in the country/ helpless government

okay basically this type of governance is the best la
hahaha it is basically what fernando lester and heart-throb luther are undergoing
you parents cannot do anything about you
basically just support whatever you all doing.

so whats your way of governing to your kids in the future?

okay so recently,
lester went for his new econs tuition and omg the armchair there is super shiok
he thought that it could help him in his studies
thats why he went to research and found out that the freaking armchair
is from ikea and he asked his mum if he can buy
after a lil sweet talk, his mum agreed!

this is how simple it takes!

however, when lester finally went to ikea to have a walk
he decided not to buy it.

WHY? you might ask.

lester thought that he should not be squandering his family money
and as a close friend of him, i also know that even if he buy
he wont study more because of it

awwww. filialboy93 = lester

i am kinda looking forward to chinese new year different
dno why. i think cause can finally gamble and win money
and also the fact that this is going to be the first year when other relatives ask me hows my studies
and i can reply


this is like super awesome lah. haha first time can try something like that
they will most probably tell me not to be humble and should be proud of my own results
so i think i will most probably bring my results slip around and show off
how i barely scrape through my jc1

this will help to create a new impression and image of me in their minds
which i d think is very nice :(

oh yea i am seldom troubled by stuffs
but recently i am troubled by my tuitions

i signed up for this econs tuition and its like pure bullshit and crap
and its the first time i feel like going up to slap the teacher in the face
and tell him to wake up his idea
because nobody will be able to get an A if he teaches like that

maybe its just the first lesson
and that i am not used to it
so we shall see how.

i am currently planning to quit this stupid tuition 
if he continues to be such a noob
and ask my cousin to tutor me

this money can be put into better use such as maths tuition or something
or i can just buy 3 cardigans a month or 4 vans off the wall a month
or i can just buy 2 armchairs a month

haiz. this sucks. i will make a decision on wednesday.
shall update you all if i have the time
but update you all for what?

on a side note, i think dota is super detrimental to one's studies
thats why i think yiteng and cheeshuan and sean should stop dotaing
i will tell them to quit every time i see them
good influence sia ^^

oh yea i received my first birthday present today
its the best present i received in the 17years and 362 days that i have lived
all i can say is that TGFMBP.
which is basically "thank god for my birthday present"

its super baik i swearrr.
its basically a walk down memory lane

time to sleep
i going get owned tmr cause i nvr do work


Current Mood: baik
07 January 2011 @ 12:04 am
hello everyone,

i am too lazy to make new year resolution now
and only recently, i know that there are maths and physics test once school start
and if i get anything more than 0marks for my maths test
i will treat all my fans here a 700$ citigem diamond ring okay

cause i dno a shit about what is tested.

but i think that only i am lazy to make resolutions
my friend, leong keng whye has already made his
he deleted his dragonica, dota, warcraft
and he told me his resolution
which is kinda inspiring to me, someone who happy go lucky

fridaynight says:
next year
i only do
3 things
and find a gf
the time
will be split
i mean

looks like wedding bells are ringing

okay today i went to see chinese doctor to treat my bag
the doctor poke 100 needles up my....
not ass, but my injured back

its like OUCHH.
as you all rmb, lester not scared of anything in the world
except needles and jabs

thats his number 1 fear in his life
then this time, i need to face 100 needles
i think its more scary than A levels

i hope it really recover sia
my body sacrifice, now so many holes

‎"I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

— Marilyn Monroe


04 January 2011 @ 12:08 am

Hello everyone,

I think I going change my image.

New image, new beginning.
In friendships, relationship and family.
Not forgetting studies too.

Straight As!


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26 December 2010 @ 02:42 am
 hello everyone,

even though it is already boxing day

since i am kinda a holy person
so i went church for christmas

but there are so many churches to choose from!
so i decided to go my brother's church and listen to sermon

i think i got photographic memory or something.
let me spread the love here on elninof9t
you want believe a not up to you

before the rest of you complain, i will do the same thing during vesak day and deepavali k.
jst to prove myself as an unbiased free thinker who is liberal


okay lah actually i can only remember one story and its something like

One day, a fisherman is resting on the beach after a day of hard work out at sea.
then one guy say "yo bro why not go catch more fishes".
then the fisherman say "oh i catch finish liao, now resting".
then the guy say "you should go and catch even more!".
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, for what?",
then the guy say "so that you can make more money".
then the fisherman say "wa sia la then how?"
then the guy say "so that you can have more money to buy another ship and catch more fish!"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you will have even even more money"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you can set up company and catch even more fish"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "then you will have enough money then you can retire!"
then the fisherman say "wa sia la, then how?"
then the guy say "so that you can rest!"
then the fisherman say "aint i resting now?"

(crowd laughs, some wake up due to laughter)
i will go ask my  brother whats the morale of the story is about later
cause this thing happens 2 days ago ah.
slip of mind

after that i went to watch movie with luther, yixin, jolene and daniel
we watched TRON and this idea is brilliant!
  • jolene fell asleep
  • luther and yixin linked it to christianity and dawns sunrise:)
  • daniel said it was interesting and she will watch it with PRAWNy, which is kinda FISHy
  • last but not least, lester cant wait to get out of the cinema!
not my style ah. 
the story about this game player who get sucked into the game

i cant imagine one day i ganna sucked into the world of dota
instead of eating food, i will be eating trees
instead of studying, i will be riding on tigers and shooting arrows
instead of sleeping at night, i will be looking out for night stalker
instead of sleeping when i am tired, i need to eat trees so that zeus wont zap me
instead of looking like that, i will look like a troll

NONONONO. cannot continue thinking alr. i will go crazy.
its just so scary la hor zz.

THATS SO LAME. hahahahha.
at least i celebrated christmas in a cinema
i think last year at that time, i was walking on the roads without being able to walk straight
with 3 other drunkards going home

okay then finally christmas. the things on top was for christmas eve
its queen's birthday! happy birthday!
queen? you might be wondering who on earth is the queen.
before you think that its eve or mary, allow me to enlighten you.

queen is the mum of prince.
then prince of the family is lester.
thats why its my mummy's birthday!

we wake up and eat buffet for lunch then went shopping
she told me to go into the armani exchange shop
i thought she suddenly become so nice sia

but in the end never buy la
waste my time only
then she keep wasting my time
waste waste waste until i pissed off then walk away lol

then i went starbucks to drink with my brother
drink coffee la. my brother is crazy.
he has been drowning his sorrows every night with jolly shandy
dno whos making him so troubled.

while drinking coffee, he keep using this thing called tweeter
it looks fun, i should go try it out soon
so that nxt time i can post statuses like 
"having coffee with my bro now"

dinner was steamboat.

come home then i talk shit to brandon
talk until i laugh until stomach cramp sia i swear
he better lock his computer up and set 100 passwords
if not i going to drown myself in his jaccuzi. 

oh yea. i wont be online next week from monday to thursday
i will be busy growing spiritually and self reflecting upon myself
and learning quotes such as "thou shalt not commit adultery"
but like duhh, who will commit adultery at this age ^^


haiz this nigel forever pangseh me one
every christmas he in japan playing snow

one of the terms and conditions in our contract is 
"do not do anything that screws up our friendship"

hahaha so if he forget to buy me present or souvenir = make me angry = screw up
HAHAHAHA so he better remember!

24 December 2010 @ 04:18 am

Hello everyone,

lol okay i am using tiffany to blog now
its 4.19am and i so nothing to do

this holiday, i have not been doing a lot of things.
okay la, actually, i din even do anything at all
other than playing maplestory with sean and rebirthing 10times

you know maplestory? the real one is too waste time for us
thats why we play private servers where we enjoy the benefits of 500 times of normal exp!
but thats not important alr, since that ass pangseh me go USA

today brandon's house organise a bbq
and we are supposed to meet at 4pm

when i left the house at 3.30pm, knowing that i will be on the dot,
i thought to myself:

"hey lester, you shouldnt leave house now. they confirm late one. i swear"
thats what my mind was telling me

i was dumbfounded.
my mind was telling me to go play 2 rounds of dota before leaving
but my heart was telling me that i must not do this, i must have faith in them

as i poke my key into the house door
i can feel myself being torn apart by this thing going inside me
i had to make a decision, so i trusted my heart and i went out

but i ended up sitting at starbucks
waiting for them for 1hour
until the next person arrived.

my classmates are totally understanding people
i love them to max seriously.
its like, we seem to have this telepathic thingy among us
they know that i am damn bored at home, thats why purposely do this to me

after i finally understand why they are late
i was so touched by their thoughtfulness
i think that i should repay their kindness to me nxt time too :)

but how?
okay la actually quite easy, i anyhow think on the spot also can think

  1. i can buy a converse bag for my girlfriend!
  2. i can go botanical garden and see flowers!
  3. i can go collect spectacles!
  4. i can sit in a car and still be late!
  5. i can go dating!
  6. i can go see my friend buy converse bag for his girlfriend!

oh yea, i should do some 2010 reflections soon.
its about time i tell santa i have been a good boy this year


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18 December 2010 @ 04:02 am
hello everyone,

remember my previous post about

"at that moment
i realise why this happen to me
i tell you all lah

its cause of karma

cause long time ago
i was at an outing at the beach with my cousins and their friends
then i push all of them into the sea
then one of them had a phone in his pocket
and the phone spoil!

so its karma"

HAHAHA. i was surfing net
and i realise that the photo above basically explained how i got my iPhone :)

 “When you’re a little kid, you’re a little bit of everything. Artist, scientist, athlete, scholar… Sometimes it seems like growing up is the process of giving those things up. One by one. I guess we all have one thing we regret giving up. One thing we really miss that we gave up because we were too lazy or, we couldn’t stick it out or, because we were afraid.”
— The Wonder Years

18 December 2010 @ 04:02 am
 hello everyone,


i am fluent in many languages now.
chinese, japanese, korean, malay, hokkien
anything except english i guess.

thats why i dun bother putting english as a language on the facebook profile thingy

shit. i forgot how the prettiest girl i ever see in my life looks like.
thats why i think maybe she is my dream girl.
you see ah, you dream then wake up
you also cannot remember what you dreamt about right.

yea thats why i think i forgot. KNS
this feeling super pek cek.

oh yea, talking about facebook
i dun bother going facebook these days because 
all i see is people's photos overseas